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Thailand LeisureTech Thailand

While most of the world knows Sydney HQ LeisureTech Electronics as the inventor of A-BUS multi-room audio technology, LTE has been active on several other fronts over the years. Since 1991, LTE has established a solid reputation for developing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality electronics products in Australia. Steadily increasing demand for these products has prompted LTE to take the major step of opening its own manufacturing facility in Thailand.

In July 2005, LTE opened a dedicated factory in Thailand exclusively for the benefit of their Andrew’s Audio, A-BUS and OEM customers. The modern facility enabled LTE to have greater control of the critical aspects of product concept, quality control, manufacturing efficiency, technical support and customer service.

Being close to the Asian market has enabled LTE to create an efficient design and manufacturing company – combining quality Australian engineering with the cost advantages of Asian manufacturing.