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LeisureTech Australia


LeisureTech appoints QualiFi for Forté A-BUS, Forté IR and Forté Cable in Australia.


LeisureTech offers A-BUS AB-BT10 BlueTooth device as a local source input module for any A-BUS hub.

A-BUS First


A-BUS/DIRECT WALL, an A-BUS AND Industry First, active outdoor speaker providing Cat-5 directly to amplified speaker.


A-BUS/DIRECT wins best in-ceiling speaker below $1000 at CEDIA Atlanta.

CEPro Award


An A-BUS First launched with the ABR-43 learning remote, keypad with cradle, providing greater control for A-BUS/DIRECT active speakers.

A-BUS First


Forté IR launches Infrared Industry First with the IRC-130 connecting block’s five attenuated trim pots.

Infrared Industry First


Forté A-BUS, Forté Intercom and Forté IR launched for international distribution.


A-BUS/DIRECT active inceiling speakers added to the A-BUS family utilitising one Cat-5 to the amplified speaker.


LTE celebrates thirtieth anniversary


LTE introduces the A-BUS/INTERCOM, a highly innovative product needing only one wire (Cat-5) to each room or entry point.


LeisureTech Thailand Ltd, LTE’s manufacturing facility, receives important ISO 9001:2000 certification.


LTE opens its own dedciated manufacturing facility in Thailand to support its rapid growth while providing expanded resources for its customers.


LTE becomes global OEM technology provider and manufacturer for the residential systems market. A-BUS launched worldwide with global licensing program. A-BUS then introduced in North America by Russound with other top brands to quickly come on board.


LTE successfully applies for A-BUS patents in various countries around the world.


The enterprising duo of Andrews and Goldfinch invent A-BUS®, a revolutionary technology for multi-room audio that utilizes a single Cat-5 cable to carry signal, data, infrared, status and power.


As the company celebrates its twentieth anniversary, name is changed to LeisureTech Electronics (LTE) to reflect their global expansion


Andrew Goldfinch teams up with Len Andrews. Leisure Imports introduces its first Australian-made, custom audio products under the Andrew's Audio brand receiving instant recognition and acclaim.


Leisure Sound and Leisure Imports prosper with a reputation for marketing new technologies and innovative high end products. With his extensive experience in installing multi-room audio, Andrew pioneers a range of products for the emerging custom installation market.


A division called Leisure Imports is created to import high quality audio products, IR systems and cables.


LeisureTech Electronics founded in Sydney, Australia as a retailer of quality audio products under the name Leisure Sound by Andrew Goldfinch. Two outlets opened with a third store added soon thereafter.

Len Andrews and Andrew Goldfinch
Andrew Goldfinch and Len Andrews

LeisureTech HQ, Personnel

Andrew Goldfinch Managing Director
General Manager
National Sales Manager
Marketing and International Export
Lisa Friebel
Graphic Design and Web Development
Logistics and OEM
Jacqui Israel