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A-BUS, part of your Custom Electronics package, is easily marketed

custom installation package

With a simple and patented module design, the bidding process cannot get any easier for this level of custom audio performance than A-BUS product. Whether or not you need a system with the electronics at the audio location, or in the structured wiring installation, A-BUS has it. Single source? Multi-source? Local room inputs? Remote controlled speakers? A-BUS is designed for easy home installations that deliver custom sound quality requirements. So fast to install, your project will not be delayed for installation time, or difficult programming tasks.

Australian custom installers of the audio video industry who offer Forte A-BUS products are becoming increasing available throughout Australasia. With the simplicity and easy installation of the system by offering both A-BUS Custom and A-BUS Structured, adding Forte A-BUS to your product line is a “no brainer”.

There are many methods of marketing, through builders, developers, direct to the home owners and industry folks like architects and interior designers. Whether you have a shop front, showroom or a mobile unit, Forte A-BUS provides another bonus to your custom electronics packages, one which is greatly appreciated as most family’s listen to music in their home. Now you can make it built-in, controlled by a touch of a button with sensational sound of their favorite tunes in their favorite areas.

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