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As a builder, you are constantly looking for cost-effective, easy to install, revenue generating enhancements within your custom-built homes. A-BUS is the answer.  Whether your own electrician provides the installation or you look for a CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design Industry Association) installer as an expert in the field, you can easily offer pre-wire packages to your clients for future home music installation.

A-BUS systems are designed with the builder in mind

A-BUS distribution is based on a single, inexpensive Cat 5 wire for long cable runs and offers shorter speaker wire distances. A low voltage system installation, we offer two types of installation for those builders who provide structured cabling within the home and for those who don’t.

1. A-BUS Structured
2. A-BUS Custom

As a developer or architect, why not specify A-BUS on your next commercial project to provide a lifestyle enhancement knowing the product is easy to install and furthermore easy to use once installed for everybody throughout the house?



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