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The A-BUS technology is covered by the following patents - United States US 7,181,023, 7,668,318, 6,389,139; Australia AU 739808; New Zealand NZ 502982; Mexico MX 241196; Canada CA2301062.

A-BUS is a registered trademark of LeisureTech Electronics Pty Ltd Australia









Forte A-BUS

Forté/A-BUS - Plug n Play Multi-room Audio

Forté A-BUS is house audio made easy. The simplest of cabling, ease of use and when desired, keypad free design, Forte A-BUS offers a beautiful sounding music system from 1 to 100 rooms. The only system which offers zero programming, power down Cat5 cabling, and iPod/iPhone control from the Forte A-BUS remote.

Forte A-BUS - Audio throughout the home

Forté A-BUS uniquely offers the following:

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...Forté/A-BUS - Plug n Play Multi-room Audio

A-BUS is an award winning, patented technology for distributing audio throughout the home. In an industry where new technologies appear almost daily, A-BUS has withstood the test of time because it is simple rather than complex. The unique simplicity, flexibility, and exceptional sound quality of A-BUS has earned it broad acceptance.

A-BUS uses a single Category 5 (Cat-5) cable to carry audio signal, system power, data and status signal from an audio source in one location to amplifiers and speakers in another room. In this manner high quality audio is delivered without signal loss to multiple rooms, each with their own independent volume control. The A-BUS system overcomes the problems of signal degradation and noise that come from the kind of long runs of speaker wire that have been associated with prior audio distribution systems.
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A-BUS is a registered trademark of LeisureTech Electronics Pty Ltd Australia.

Have you heard it? Simplicity never sounded so good


...Forté Intercom - Elegant Audio Intercom

Group paging as well as one-on-one room connection allows you to locate the person with whom you want to speak. Electret microphones with automatic gain control pick up voices from across the room ensuring your baby monitoring provides you the detail required for accurate sounds. Three illuminating colours not only look impressive but ensures you know what is happening once a button is pressed.

Plus the Forté Intercom links to a Forté A-BUS multi-room audio system via a single-source hub. Once the doorbell is pressed this mutes the house music until such time the conversation halts.

Simple Secure Stylish is the Forté Intercom way.