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G’day <first>,

Welcome to LeisureTech Electronics International Listening Ear providing you What’s New in the range of products. 

This issue highlights CEDIA AUS in July.  I have included some of our other lines as I know some LTE’s international distributors also distribute these products and they may be beneficial to <company> especially in the area of Channelvision, A-BUS and SoundCast.

Also attached is our latest Forte A-BUS price list indicating any new items we have added.

Please contact me if you have any questions especially on the iSolutions range we are promoting in AUS. 

I will be contacting you soon regarding CEDIA ATLANTA and a possible meeting.

+61411 879 949

cedia expo 2010 Custom Electronics Design Industry EXPO 2010

LeisureTech's Stand Highlights

SoundCast SurroundCast

Provides a wireless link for surround system rear speakers using a robust, reliable 2.4 Ghz technology and works with any AV receiver.


A-BUS amplified 5.25” outdoor speaker with IR, works in direct sunlight with its high powered, learning remote keypad and wall cradle. The remote sticks to the fridge then can easily be taken outside. This is only Cat5, IR outdoor speaker on the market. Great for retrofits.

Forte A-BUS iSolutions Yes, the iPad fits into an AB-313!

Forte A-BUS iSolutions
Allows the Channel Vision A-BUS AB-313 iPod dock now to be a central source when using the Forte A-BUS ABK-4RJ distribution hub. The ABR-43 learning remote keypad can control your iPod, iPhone or iPad providing pause/play & forward/reverse when using the Channel Vision A-BUS AB-313 iPod wall dock.

SoundCast OutCast Junior

SoundCast - OutCast Jr.
This weather resistant, wireless speaker lets you enjoy rich multi-directional stereo sound anywhere. The system has a broadcast range of up to 100m. Listen to any MP3 player, iPod, computer, home theater, audio system, or your TV by choosing either the UAT (USB to computer to iTunes) or iCast (iPod docking station).  Its so light you can tote it anywhere.

TruAudio Ghost

TruAudio Ghost with square grilles over round speakers
Home owners or interior designers wanting a square speaker footprint in bulkheads or on walls now can with the new Ghost square grilles, making it all too easy for the installer by still providing a round hole cut out. The magnitised square grille is super-flush over the round hole and with all the Ghost series, the frame disappears.

4”  GR-G4S fits over a GP-4 GG-4
6.5”  GR-G6S fits over a GP-6, GG-6
8”  GR-G8S fits over a GP-8, GG-8

Russound Collage

Collage Powerline Media and Intercom system
Russound's revolutionary new multiroom media and intercom system that can be installed in a home in less than a day. System components communicate over your home’s existing electrical wiring. Amplified keypads are easily installed near existing electrical outlets or switches. In-wall, in-ceiling, or bookshelf speakers can be selected to suit each room, and the Media Manager provides a connection to your home's computer network and the Internet. Release in AUS is October.

Read Russound's HTA Newsletter (202 KB)

Active Thermal Management Cool Line

Active Thermal Cool-Line
This slim, linear styling makes it ideal for use below flat-panel displays, or mounted on kick panels where quiet cooling is required and space is limited. Powerful but quiet cross-flow fans move air in or out of the enclosure to be ventilated. Temperature controlled and multi-speed, the fans are completely automatic. The aluminum Cool-Line systems ship configured to exhaust heated air from enclosures, but are easily changed in the field for use as intake devices. Wood Cool-Line versions must be ordered as either intake or exhaust models. Matching grilles, both metal and wood, are available without fans to trim passive openings.

Cool News from ATM - take a look at the new Winter Catalogue. View pdf

Terra Speakers

Terra Speakers
Terra All Climate Speakers sound refreshingly clear and open, and exhibit little sign of strain at high output levels. The AC-17 have 4 different connection styles to choose. At 4 ohms and 225 watts this outdoor gardening speaker is not shy to volume. Torx security screw option is in stainless steel and a ground bracket is perfect for pole mounting.
Terra to Ship AC.17e (201 KB)
Terra Introduces CA.WF65.2R (201 KB)
Terra to Ship Enhanced ACe Series (202 KB)

Soundcast logo SoundCast Tech Tips

SoundCast Tech Tips for the following products have been added to the web site here.

  • Working with speaker level audio
  • Using iTunes remote App Notes
  • UAT applications
  • SubCast applications
  • OutCast Jr – iCast applications
  • OutCast – iCast applications
  • iCast TX – iCast RX applications
  • CUSTOM_applications diagrams

Tech Hint! Adding a Room to an
A-BUS Installation Wirelessly

With the use of SoundCastís SubCast wireless TX/RX you can add a room on to an A-BUS installation. Of course we always recommend hard wiring but if youíre in a bind to get a cable Outdoors, all that is required is the SubCast TX/RX and an A-BUS to RCA converter manufactured by LeisureTech. Please see diagrams for further explanation and just ring us for any questions.

SoundCast's Subcast TX/RX

Connecting A-BUS Wirelessly
Click diagram to enlarge

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CEDIA Australia Gallery
CEDIA expo LeisureTech stand CEDIA expo LeisureTech standCEDIA expo LeisureTech stand
CEDIA expo LeisureTech stand CEDIA expo LeisureTech stand CEDIA expo LeisureTech stand CEDIA expo LeisureTech stand

Installers CornerÖ

Brilliant Installation
Ken Burrows, of Love My TV, was over the moon with his first Active Thermal SEC-1 (small enclosure cooler) installation in an existing home theatre cabinet. The cabinet housed a plasma on a lift, AV receiver, MRA distribution system, DVD, and other components. “Almost two years of installation the cabinet was so hot it cooked the MRA box (no it wasn’t a Russound MZ controller). He researched the Active Thermal line and chose the SEC-1 due to the limited space and there was already a hole for natural ventilation. “The retrofit worked brilliant,” stated Ken. This was the first time a product was used from Active Thermal and he is now quoting the line regularly. The SEC-1 is generally used in exhaust mode, mounted to the rear panel of a cabinet at least 508mm from a wall.


For further white paper information go to Cooling the Impossible Cabinet, or click here.

CEDIA Australia Winner

A big congratulations to Home Theatrix for winning the ĎBest Integrated Home Installation over AUD$300,000í award incorporating throughout TruAudio speakers & Russound power amps from LeisureTech. Well done Home Theatrix!

winnerof best integrated home installation over AUD$300,000

Happy Installer

LeisureTechís Manufactures Training at CEDIA Expo had standing room only at times and was welcomed by many custom installers such as John from Housewide Audio Video:
"Thanks for the reminder Phil.
A big thanks to LeisureTech also, for the manufacture training sessions at the expo. Itís much easier to talk to customers about products when Iíve had the hands on experience and had them explained to me. It should reignite some enthusiasm for me and some sales. "
Regards. John Fletcher
Housewide Audio Video

Happy Customer

Vince of Pacific HiFi received a comforting email from a client regarding his wireless rear speaker installation:
"Just a quick email to thank you for recommending Subcast for our wireless installation needs. A truly perfect solution. Transmitting a full spectrum signal, the product is entirely suited to our needs, connecting a pair of Bose 901's as a second pair or 'rear' speakers in the main room. "
Cheers John

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