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TruAudio is not your ordinary speaker manufacturer. They started out as a nationally recognized audio/ video installation company. During that time, they designed and installed thousands of Home Theaters and Multi-room Audio systems. While they were pulling wire and installing gear, they were able to experience firsthand what they liked and didn't like about the A/V equipment available to them. They also learned what consumers expected from an architectural speaker.

With all that industry knowledge and expertise, they founded TruAudio, a manufacturer of top notch Architectural Speakers designed and built for the Custom A/V Industry. TruAudio speakers perform with the quality of a free standing cabinet type but install flush into your standard wall. Imagine those big, bulky box speakers gone and the sound now coming from speakers hidden in your ceiling or walls. Nothing for the kids to knock over, no more trying to hide the big speaker box, no more hoping the speaker cabinet will match the new furniture and all this without sacrificing any sound quality.

TruAudio products featured here are for Australian sale only.



Burkes Backyard Magazine December 2012

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