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A-BUS is an easy, affordable way to enjoy high quality music wherever you want.
A-BUS is an innovative sound system that enables you to have music in any or every room in your home. Australian designed and engineered, A-BUS is the culmination of almost a decade of research. It’s unique patented* technology allows unprecedented placement flexibility, ease of operation and sound performance.

Superior Sound, Better Value

It’s true! Conventional multi-room audio systems typically amplify music at a centralized source and send the signal over meters and meters of inefficient speaker cables. This results in sound quality loss, not to mention extra equipment and cabling. A-BUS’s unique technology amplifies sound in each individual room. That means one low cost Cat5 cable replaces the conventional cable combinations, saving you money and producing superior sound quality.

Extra Volume Control Features

Every room installed with A-BUS has its own adjustable up and down volume controls (no stepped volume levels), making it easy for you to get the perfect volume in every room. Even better, A-BUS enables you to limit the volume in your children’s rooms if you need to!

Operates Other Remote-Controlled Equipment

A-BUS allows you to control your HiFi system, DVD, VCR, TV and even your iPod, via infra red (IR) from just one remote control. The A-BUS remote is so smart it actually ‘learns’ the functions of your existing remotes, putting you in complete control wherever you are in your home.

Easily Expandable
Once your house is wired for A-BUS, you can have music installed throughout your home straight away or build your sound system gradually. A-BUS features a unique modular design that allows you to mix and match components to upgrade and expand your system when it suits your needs. While most other brands offer amplifiers designed for a specific number of rooms, A-BUS systems feature the amplifier in each individual room module, allowing you to match exactly the number of areas you desire audio.

Flexibility in Choice of Music
What if different family members want to listen to different music at the same time?
A-BUS has the answer! With one easy addition to your A-BUS system, they can choose from the different music sources available from the main HiFi system - in separate rooms – simultaneously.

Maximum Compatibility
A-BUS is also designed to integrate with new technologies. Authorized dealers are highly experienced in incorporating A-BUS into customized home automation solutions. What’s more, A-BUS is compatible with virtually any HiFi system and because it uses leading-brand switch plates, A-BUS will complement your homes’ over all décor.

Reliability Guaranteed
A-BUS components are backed by a limited lifetime warranty (Australia only, when installed with A-BUS Dataline cable) guaranteeing the system against manufacturing faults and defects.

*A-BUS holds Patents for its technology in Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico and New Zealand.
A-BUS is a registered trademark of LeisureTech Electronics Pty Ltd.

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