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With A-BUS you have a central source component location where you may share your existing sources such as a CD player, CD library, Tuner 1, Tuner 2, iPod, DVD player, paid TV or satellite box. This is often located in a main living area where your TV is or in a dedicated home theatre room.

If you already own or looking to purchase a home theatre receiver why not consider A-BUS/READY receiver which is equipped with an RJ-45 A-BUS output socket. Look for the A-BUS/READY logo on the front. That means a simple RJ-45 connection on the back immediately connects you to the whole-house system, as long as the house is wired for A-BUS. Four brands to consider are the Integra, Jamo, Harman Kardon and Cambridge Audio.


Each room has a pair of speakers and amplified keypad module which offers volume and in most modules infra red (IR) control. This makes the room an independent zone meaning you can listen to a different source component simultaneously from what’s playing in another room.


Each keypad offers volume control ‘up or down’ either by rotary or by electronic format.


Depending on the level of keypads you have chosen you may select the source component from the keypad by a touch of a button. In addition, you may use the remote control pointed to the keypad to have full function of each source component, for example to change radio and paid TV stations, and play, stop or skip the CD or DVD disc.


With the IR speakers and remote, you can use the remote to control volume, source selection and source control either as a hand held remote or in its cradle on the wall.


Itís just that simple. For installations which have a Local Input Module (LIM) wallplate installed locally in a room, once you run a lead from the wallplate to the local source, and use the local sourceís remote to control it for this particular room. This LIM can plug into an iPod or CD player and overrides the main source components until it is unplugged from the LIM. A-BUS offers iPod wall dock as a local source with remote control as well as a central source option.

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