The most flexible plasma resistant receivers on the market



Relaying infrared signals is not as simple as it looks. Sunlight, plasma and other light sources can contain large amounts of infrared which can limit the range or completely block the relay of remote control commands. The outdoor lifestyle in Australia makes the need for higher performance critical. Australian homes tend to incorporate large glassed areas with extended outdoor living. This means that more often than not infrared relay systems are expected to operate in direct or reflected sunlight. As a result Andrew’s Audio has developed infrared receivers that give a minimum range of 5 meters in direct sunlight. This technology also provides benefits in operating range and off axis flexibility. New technologies such as emissions from plasma screens continue to test this technology. Andrew’s Audio continues to develop better infrared receivers to justify its worldwide reputation as the leader in infrared technology.

Part numbers:

IRR-500B Black
IRR-500W White
IRR-500G Grey
IRR-500KIT-B Black Kit
IRR-500KIT-W White Kit
IRR-500KIT-G Grey Kit
IRR-300B Black
IRR-300W White
IRR-300KIT-B Black Kit
IRR-300KIT-W White Kit
IRR-100 White
IRR-100KIT White Kit


IRR Kits Include:
1 x Infrared receiver
1 x CB-20 connecting block
1 x PS-1 power supply
1 x EM-2 dual emitter

PS-2 Regulated power supply (not supplied) ideal for use with Foxtel. Ask our staff for details.